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Our showpiece! We market our top-quality Phalaenopsis under the brand name Star Quality By5, consisting of: Star Quality By 5 Phalaenopsis Mix, The Big 5 – a special selection of even higher quality plants destined for the high-end market, and White World – the name says it all: a magnificent white Phalaenopsis.

Our collection is available in a wide range of pot sizes and heights. Be inspired by the sparkling bright colours, unusual petal markings and powdery pastels in our collection. Click here for the full range of Phalaenopsis on Floriday and order now! You can also order by variety. Please note: We provide a bespoke service, so always ask about the options so that we can be sure to meet your needs.


Phalaenopsis Mix

The high percentage of multi-stemmed Phalaenopsis from Piet Vijverberg and the long keeping quality of the flowers are truly exceptional. Our orchids are grown in a wide range of bright colours and exciting mixes in 12 cm pots. Check out our product range below.

  • Pot size: 12 cm
  • Available in various fresh colours
  • With 1 to 4 stems
  • Large-flowered: > 9 cm
  • Long flowering period
  • Supplied year-round
  • Available in the practical and attractive By5 Silver or By5 White box
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The Big 5 collection is simply the best of the best. In this collection you’ll find specially selected Phalaenopsis varieties of 5-star By5 quality, with a long flowering period and a stunning appearance. Unique and strikingly beautiful!

Each variety we choose for the Big 5 Collection has been carefully selected and tested. Only the very best varieties are available in this collection. This meticulous selection process ensures that the collection is kept constantly up to date.


Just as the town of Alassio is the pearl of the Italian Riviera of Flowers, so Phalaenopsis Alassio is the jewel among orchids. The warm colour tones of this orchid create the ultimate holiday feeling every day!

Spotted World

Phalaenopsis Spotted World brings you straight into a romantic mood. The beautiful big white flowers are decorated with purple pearls. This romantic spectacle will add a loving touch to your interior.


Like a gentle wind, this orchid will breeze through your home, giving everyone a real sense of peace. This understated orchid has a natural radiance thanks to its bright white flowers and subtle reddish-pink accents in the lip.

Phalaenopsis lime light
Lime Light

Passion for colour blocking! The deep purple centre contrasts strongly with the optimistic yellow colour of the petals. Be playful and add an extra dimension to your home with this striking eye-catcher.


Watch out thrill-seekers; Phalaenopsis Joyride will challenge you! Bring adventure to your home with this eye-catching orchid and its brilliant deep pink colour.

San Francisco

Fairytales don’t exist? Well they do now! The very special Phalaenopsis San Francisco has pink and purple flowers with golden-yellow accents and an air of mystery…  A fairytale appearance!


Just like its namesake in Italy, this Phalaenopsis is surprisingly delightful and ultra-stylish. Let this orange beauty with its delicate stripes shine like the sun. A unique appearance in your home!


This charming yet sassy orchid is simply irresistible. Purple shades in a stunning pattern hint of passion, while fuchsia has an alluring charm.


This modern variety lets you dream away for a moment in your own ‘white house’. A blooming beauty in fresh pink hues that makes a statement in your interior!

Phalaenopsis big5 white world whiteworld
White World

Stylish, elegant and pure. White World’s impressively large, bright white flowers with an alluring yellow centre make this orchid a true style icon. For a lavish feeling of luxury in your own home…


The intense reddish purple colour of this orchid is a joy to the eye. This powerful Phalaenopsis Narbonne brings the best of autumn into your home.

Phalaenopsis Nottingham

A romantic, serene flower with an understated look that fits seamlessly into every living room. A true English love story!

Phalaenopsis Caribbean Dream 1
Caribbean Dream

Imagine yourself in a tropical paradise with Phalaenopsis Caribbean Dream. This beautiful flower reminds us of clear-skied evenings on the beach and stunning sunsets. Experience the luxurious, restful atmosphere of your favourite holiday destination in your own home!


A rough husk and delicate interior, but reversed. The Elion shows strength and is soft. The flowers are pink with a dark fuchsia-coloured vein, like the lip. The contrast makes this Phalaenopsis exciting and widely applicable. Fitting both in an interior of various pastel colours and in a mono-coloured environment, ranging from white to dark green.

White world®

White World® is an absolutely pure white Phalaenopsis. It blooms longer than any other white species. Piet Vijverberg’s standard guarantee-to-bloom may be for three months, but sometimes this plant blooms twice as long! It’s our pride and joy for good reason.
Stylish, elegant and pure. Pure white for a luxurious look, serene yet exuberant, powerful style icon for any interior

The strikingly large flowers and outstanding quality provide exceptionally long enjoyment with a three-month guarantee-to-bloom.

Exclusive to Piet Vijverberg, our pride and joy! White World can also be used as an exclusive Wedding Orchid. For more information, go to www.wedding-orchid.com .


We are aware of the needs of both people and our environment. We therefore want to be able to demonstrate that we set high standards so that we can guarantee an exclusive level of quality.

Our extensive certifications attest to this. We are MPS-A, MPS-GAP, MPS-SQ and MPS-ProductProof certified and we are a member of Sedex.


We supply our plants in various types of packaging: standard and eco-friendly. The latter includes pulp trays and wrappings made of recycled paper.

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