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The Piet Vijverberg Nursery, producer of this Phalaenopsis and Dracaena, devised ‘Star Quality…By5’ as the brand name for these products to emphasis their excellence. Although the name also alludes to the producer’s family name, which is VIJVerberg (VIJF meaning ‘five’ in Dutch), it was chosen mainly in reference to the 5-star quality of the nursery’s products.

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The Phalaenopsis reigns as queen of the houseplants. Also known as the Moth Orchid, this marvellous style icon produces butterfly-like flowers that provide pleasure for months on end.

This orchid, with its delicate pastels, excitingly bold colours, and unique markings, is a surprisingly low-maintenance plant. To find out the best way to care for your Phalaenopsis, read our tips!

  • Have you got a Phalaenopsis from The Big 5 collection?
  • The Phalaenopsis should receive plenty of light but not direct sunlight.
  • Do not place this orchid near a central heating source or a heater.
  • The plant will grow best at a room temperature ranging from 15 to 25°C.
  • Once a week (once every 10 days in winter), soak the roots in water for 15 minutes and allow to drain thoroughly.
  • Never give your orchid too much water. To be on the safe side, give the plant three ice cubes every week.
  • Give your Phalaenopsis special orchid fertiliser once a month.
  • If you want your Phalaenopsis to flower again, cut off the part of the spike above the second ‘eye’ from the bottom. The ‘eyes’ are the little bulges on the spike. After trimming, place the orchid in a cooler place and water it somewhat less for two months. Six months later, the orchid will produce more flowers that you can enjoy again.
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The Dracaena has become a houseplant classic. This is a plant that definitely makes a statement with its exotic appearance and cool leaf patterns – and it lets you breathe in the greenness.

This foliage plant is guaranteed to add a note of elegance to your home for a long period of time. It’s a low-maintenance plant that requires very little care. All the information about what makes your Dracaena happy is available in our care tips.

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  • Do not place your Dracaena in full sun but expose it to enough light to maintain the beautiful contrast of its leaf pattern.
  • Your Dracaena will thrive at room temperature. You can easily keep the plant somewhat cooler in the winter but never cooler than 12 to 15 °C. Dracaena cannot tolerate cold, so never let the temperature drop to below 10-13°C.
  • Since this houseplant cannot tolerate having wet feet continuously, it is best to not to water it until the soil clump has dried out. Spray with a plant sprayer once in a while.
  • Give the plant houseplant fertiliser every six weeks during the spring and summer. Fertiliser is not needed during autumn and winter.
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Growers’ advise

“The more multi-coloured a Dracaena’s leaf pattern, the more light it will require. Just don’t place it in bright, direct sunlight.”

Piet Vijverberg

“Afraid you’ll give your orchid too much water? A useful tip: Give the plant three ice cubes per week. Because the ice will melt slowly, the Phalaenopsis can easily absorb this small amount of water a little at a time.”

Sander Vijverberg

“Phalaenopsis has its roots in the tropical rainforest, so you can well imagine that it doesn’t appreciate the cold. Before it leaves the greenhouse to go to its retail destination, we put it in a sleeve to protect it from getting a chill. If your orchid drops its buds, this is probably a sign that its location is too cool.”

Piet Vijverberg

“The Dracaena really doesn’t mind if you forget to water it on occasion. This houseplant stores moisture in its stem, so it can tolerate a little forgetfulness now and then.”

Sander Vijverberg

Aware and innovative

The Piet Vijverberg Nursery is aware of the needs of both people and the environment. Innovation and progressive cultivation technologies, as well as our years of growing experience and good old-fashioned green fingers, ensure that we produce plants of excellent quality.

Production at the Piet Vijverberg Nursery is based on the specifications of our MPS-A certificate; this is the leading certificate when it comes to sustainability and ensures that we use the most environmentally responsible growing methods.

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