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Star Quality By5 product range

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As we have customers who only want to buy the best of the best, we put together special collections. For instance, we provide a five-star quality range under the name Star Quality By5. These plants are presented in deluxe packaging and give the range a premium look and feel.

Working with partners is a top priority at Piet Vijverberg. By doing so, we have found out that different target groups need different brands. This enables us to provide the perfect product for just the right sales market. The showpiece among our brands is Star Quality By5. Although the name also alludes to the producer’s family name, VIJVerberg (VIJF meaning “five” in Dutch), it was chosen mainly in reference to the 5-star quality of the nursery’s products. It is a clearly recognisable quality brand that is rated highly by many customers.

Both Dracaena and Phalaenopsis are available in this 5-star quality. The luxurious packaging not only protects the plants, it also gives them a first-class look. For more information, go to www.by5.nl.