The Big 5 collection: Synonymous with the very best of the best. The specially selected Phalaenopsis varieties in this collection exhibit 5-star quality, feature a long flowering period, and look absolutely gorgeous. Each as unique and eye-catching as a lovely precious gem.

Every variety has its very own legend telling a little bit more about its spectacular beauty. And to accentuate the fine quality of the plants in The Big 5 collection, they have their own special label. It’s all part of the brand image developed for The Big 5 collection that always makes it easy to recognise these high-quality products.

The following varieties in The Big 5 collection are available separately:


Just as the town of Alassio is the pearl of the Italian flower riviera, so Phalaenopsis Alassio is the jewel among orchids. The warm colour tones of this orchid create the ultimate holiday feeling every day!


Phalaenopsis Atlantis is just as mysterious as the famed underwater world myth. Too special to remain a secret, this flowering plant displays a tsunami of flowers in soft purple hues.


Like a gentle wind, this orchid will breeze through your home, providing everyone with a real sense of peace. This discreet orchid has a natural radiance thanks to its bright white flowers and subtle reddish-pink accents in the lip.

lime light

Love for colour blocking! Its deep purple centre contrasts strongly with its optimistic yellow petals. Be playful and add an extra dimension to your home with this striking eye-catcher.


Bold types pay attention:
Phalaenopis Joyride challenges you! With this striking showpiece you’ll easily bring a deep pink, sparkling colour in your home.


Fairytales don’t exist? They do now! The very special Phalaenopsis Luxor has purple flowers with hints of white, golden-yellow accents and an air of mystery… a fairytale appearance!


Just like its namesake in Italy, this Phalaenopsis is surprisingly delightful and ultra-stylish. Let this orange beauty with its delicate stripes shine like the sun. A unique appearance for in your home!


This charming yet sassy orchid is simply irresistible. Pink blushes suggest romance while fuchsia hints of passion. The California city is the perfect name for this lovely orchid.


With this modern variety, you can dream yourself away into your own ‘White House’. A flowering beauty in fresh pink hues that’s sure to make a statement in your home!

white world

Stylish, elegant and pure. White World’s impressively large flowers with bright white petals and an alluring yellow centre make it a true style icon. For a lavish feeling of luxury in your own home…


Flower power! Phalaenopsis Woodstock provides happiness with its the cheerful combination of big lilac flowers and an orange tip.


This stately Phalaenopsis is a true authority in the making. Pure and bright white with a sparkling yellow tip, no fuss but full of character!

"By5 Box...Star Quality, By 5."