Our history

The Piet Vijverberg Nursery has a long history. Three generations of growers have kept this family business running in the Westland region of the Netherlands, known for its greenhouse horticulture. Its founder, Kees Vijverberg, started the business in 1946 in the Dutch town of Naaldwijk. At first, he produced vegetables but later included ornamental horticulture products. Piet Vijverberg entered the business in 1954 and focused the nursery’s activities on plants for producing cut foliage. In the 1980s, the Piet Vijverberg Nursery started producing houseplants and then specialised further in this area. In 1993, Sander (Piet’s son and Kees’ grandson), entered the business. A year later, the nursery’s location on Alkemadelaan in the Dutch town of Monster was established and then gradually expanded. Over the last four decades, the Piet Vijverberg Nursery has cultivated a varied range of pot plants including Asparagus, mini coconut palms, Yucca, Dracaena, Dipladenia and Phalaenopsis. Presently, the nursery focuses purely on Phalaenopsis and Dracaena. Mechanisation and the use of technology have always been important aspects of production throughout the company’s history. The Piet Vijverberg Nursery has been a pioneer in many technological improvements and concepts applying to horticulture.