Quality & distinction

The Piet Vijverberg Nursery is a specialist in Phalaenopsis and Dracaena. We are committed to perfection and set ourselves high standards. Together with our team of motivated and passionate employees, we are dedicated to a common goal: a very satisfied customer. We achieve this by continuous innovation and the use of progressive cultivation technologies as well as by ensuring we are professional in all that we do. Our attention to every little detail in our green working environment means that our nursery produces plants of excellent quality. This level is also expressed in our quality mark: ‘Star Quality… By5’

"Taking responsibility for the needs of both people and the environment."

We are convinced that our values play a very important role in realising environmentally responsible solutions for people and the environment. Production at the Piet Vijverberg Nursery takes place according to the specifications of our MPS-A certificate. This is a leading certificate when it comes to sustainability and demonstrates a nursery’s dedication to cultivation according to the most environmentally responsible methods. Piet Vijverberg received the certification because the majority of its production takes place in sustainable greenhouses heated by geothermal heat sources. This way, cultivation at the nursery takes place in the most environmentally responsible way possible. The Piet Vijverberg Nursery produces according to the MPS-SQ and MPS-GAP certification system. The MPS-SQ certificate reflects our commitment to cultivating our products under good working conditions and ensuring that our company complies with both Dutch and international health and safety requirements. The Piet Vijverberg Nursery has also been issued the MPS-GAP certificate. Having this multifaceted certificate for the safety, sustainability and traceability of our production satisfies the requirements made by supermarkets.