The Colorchid Collection

The extremely strong White World® orchid from Piet Vijverberg is now available in a new variant: colored! The veins are colored by a unique technique, creating a special color effect, but preserving the character and quality of the orchid. Colorchid is now available in five main colors.

Star Quality... By5

The Piet Vijverberg nursery devised ‘Star Quality…By5’ as the brand name for its products to emphasis their excellence. Although the name also alludes to the producer’s family name, which is VIJVerberg (VIJF meaning ‘five’ in Dutch), it was chosen mainly in reference to the 5-star quality of the nursery’s end products. The latest line to become available in the Star Quality…By5 brand is the ‘The Big 5 Collection’ which is made up of specially selected Phalaenopsis varieties supplied in the variety requested. These flowering gems – each with its own look and appeal – are provided with a decorative ornament on a leaf to emphasise their 5-star quality.

The Big 5 collection is part of the Star Quality… By5 brand, it represents the best of the best. This collection of specially selected Phalaenopsis by Piet Vijverberg, are available by variety. To accentuate their outstanding quality, the plants in The Big 5 Collection are provided with a special label. Every variety is like a flowering piece of jewellery.


Home, to a friend, as a present

We have teamed up with two other nurseries for the purpose of supplying the retail channel with Phalaenopsis of outstanding quality. These three Phalaenopsis growers make up D-O-G: Dutch Orchid Growers. The products distinguish themselves through their excellent quality and can be recognised by the ‘Carryme’ brand. Their unique packaging and clear communication of the plant’s characteristics ensure excellent ‘stopping power’ on the shop floor.

A league of their own

Star Mix is available to customers who want a beautiful combination of orchids in various colours and markings but do not specify the highest quality requirements.