20 juni 2020 – Of course we all felt the impact of the Corona Virus on our business.

An unpleasant situation on which, unfortunately nobody has any influence. It brought us to think about the best ways we could get back controle. We also wanted to concentrate on looking further, to the point our business will be strong again.

Boost the business! 

With these thoughts and the question; “What is the best way to help out or chainpartners?” we developed ideas. We realised that a lot of our florists and cash & carry’s didn’t see customers for weeks. They had to refill a complete empty store at once and make sure to attract customers that will have to same old good feeling of purchasing with them. With these tasks, we could help out a little bit.

This is why we developed the Piet Vijverberg promotion boxes. A box filled with the newest promotionmaterial that will help out every cash and carry to start up with a bang. It’s available in Englisch, French, German and Italian. In this box you will find super new posters and postcards in the language of your choosen country with funny quotes. Our popular Go & Show  displays are also part of this promotion box. We recently updated their appareance, so this moveable displays are the perfect way to bring design into your business! Beauty of it, we deliver these displays completely decorated and with plantmaterial. All you have to do, is remove the protectioncover. Interesting for you or your customers? Let us know, we are delighted to tell you  more!