May 1st 2020 – Every year the intense beauty of flowers is attrackting miljons of visitors to Keukenhof. Unfortunatelly that turned out different this year.

Due to Corona, Keukenhof needed to keep the doors closed for public. Meaningless to say. allthough we understood, we were disappointed. Also because of the fact that there were hundreds of Piet Vijverberg Phalaenopsis displayed in the Beatrix Pavilion.

Piet Vijverberg Specialty Mix
This years theme “Colouring the world” was the perfect theme for our popular Specialty Mix. These stunning spotted and striped Phalaenopsis braught a sparkling colourdisplay. The superb arrangers of Keukenhof did the rest. The result is truely stunning. Curious? Check out this video with a virtual tour and enjoy the flowerbeauty yourself.