24 May 2018 – The wedding season is now in full swing and increasing attention is being devoted to bridal decorations. Traditionally, flowers play a leading role in creating the bridal bouquet and decorating the wedding and reception locations. A plant that produces multiple stems of elegant white flowers is a perfect choice – and the reason why Piet Vijverberg is presenting White World®, its Wedding Orchid.

Piet Vijverberg’s Wedding Orchid will be exhibited for the first time during the Orchid Inspiration Days (6-14 June). For visitors to these ‘open nursery days’, Piet Vijverberg will create an absolutely fabulous wedding setting that shows exactly why White World® is the obvious choice as the Wedding Orchid. White World® White World® – the Wedding Orchid – is an elegant white Phalaenopsis cultivated exclusively by Piet Vijverberg. White World® remains in bloom much longer than all other white varieties, and its enormous flowers of superior quality are another great feature. Since White World® is pure white on both sides of its flowers, this makes it the perfect choice for weddings that so often feature white as the most important colour. Customers can rely on White World® for the consistent quality of its size, flowers and stems. Another great advantage is the plant’s strength that eliminates any problems associated with long-haul road or air transport. Ideal for a faraway bridal venue!

The perfect bridal decoration
The uses for White World® as a Wedding Orchid are absolutely endless. It produces so many large flowers that it can be used as a plant to decorate the ceremony location, to grace a dinner table, or to create a beautiful reception venue. And its stems and individual flowers can also be included in the bridal bouquet or a corsage. Inspiration for these applications is being shared online at wedding-orchid.com as well as social media sites: Facebook and Instagram.

For the trade
White World® – the Wedding Orchid – can be ordered by any wholesaler or cash&carry (VBN code: 114674). There will also be a new Go&Show display in the Wedding Orchid theme available soon that can be used to introduce White World® to customers and to visitors at wedding trade shows. The promotion of the Wedding Orchid will go much further than the Netherlands: it is being aimed at a wide international target group. This will be evidenced by the availability of visual material displaying a variety of bridal couples (European, Turkish, Middle Eastern) and information in a wide range of languages. Piet Vijverberg will be promoting its Wedding Orchid throughout the supply chain to enhance sales for its partners in the chain.

Photos: Anouk Raaphorst Fotografie