23 March 2018 – Keukenhof opened its doors to the general public this year on 22 March. As always, the Beatrix Pavilion hosts an orchid exhibit for eight weeks. It is here in this pavilion that Piet Vijverberg is displaying almost 600 White World® orchids.

 The Beatrix Pavilion

This isn’t the first year that the White World® orchid has been shown during Keukenhof. Piet Vijverberg supplied the Beatrix Pavilion with a number of orchids in 2017. The products in this pavilion have to remain attractive throughout the eight weeks it is open, and the White World® orchid excelled at this last year. So it’s no wonder that Piet Vijverberg was asked to supply White World® orchids this year: 600 of them!

White World®

White World® is an absolutely pure white Phalaenopsis cultivated exclusively by Piet Vijverberg. This orchid remains in bloom much longer than all other white varieties, and its enormous flowers of superior quality are another great feature. The Keukenhof floral arrangers have used the White World® orchids on and around the impressive ‘photo tower’ in the centre of the pavilion. The theme this year for Keukenhof is ‘Romance in Flowers’, so these fabulous white orchids are absolutely perfect. The orchid show is open throughout the entire Keukenhof period, from 22 March through 13 May. Keukenhof attracts around 1.4 million visitors from all over the world every year.

Piet Vijverberg

Kwekerij Piet Vijverberg specialises in Phalaenopsis and Dracaena.

The nursery’s continual innovation, progressive cultivation techniques and professional organisation result in the production and marketing of plants displaying excellent quality. This level of quality is affirmed by the quality mark ‘Star Quality….By’5’, one of the various brands and collections carried by Piet Vijverberg. More information is available at: www.pietvijverberg.nl.