24 May 2017 – The latest edition of the annual Orchid Inspiration Days event promises an exciting programme packed with novelties, highlighted varieties and packaging concepts. With the main preparations for the commercial orchid event completed, the thirteen specialists are putting the final touches to the content of the event. Exporters, wholesalers and retailers will be immersed in the magnificence of the orchid between 6 and 13 June. It’s worth making room in the diary for an extensive tour because a visit to all 13 companies is well worth the effort, since the programme at every location will be different.

Programme sample
Thirteen companies with just one goal: to inform, inspire and enthuse international and national (end) customers about their product, the orchid. Although the full programme has not yet been published, the organisers can reveal some highlights:

Participating growers in the Aalsmeer region
Aphrodite Orchidee will be showing their latest market concepts, including the glamorous Glamour Phalaenopsis. GreenBalanZ will be keeping up the tradition of showing an impressive range of novelties. Van der Hoorn Orchideeën will be lovingly revealing more than 100 varieties of sustainably cultivated Phalaenopsis Multifloras under the Amore Mio label. Orchids4all will present their passion for Phalaenopsis and the various new concepts that fit with this.

Participating growers in the Bleiswijk region
Cympha Orchideeën will be focusing on fragrance and colour in an inspiring way. Pannekoek Orchideeën will be presenting the 2018 range with plants with even more buds. Stolk Flora will show how their ‘Your Natural Orchid’ collection stays as close to nature as possible. De Vreede Holland has a special information plaza ready, will be launching a new magazine with added value and will show off their innovative industrial robots.

Participating growers in the Westland region
Lansbergen Orchideeën has more than 60 exclusive orchid varieties which are each unique. Levoplant has the latest developments in the field of packaging ready and waiting. OK Plant offers even more choice this year with the expanded Little Kolibri Orchids collection, and allows visitors to mix and match. Opti-flor’s offering will include access to its ‘treasure room’ packed with new varieties and the recently remodelled inspiration area. Piet Vijverberg will be exhibiting the latest varieties from By5 and The Big 5 collection in a colourful display.

Online inspiration and registration
Visitors can get plenty of inspiration before the event starts on the Orchid Inspiration Days pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin. Alongside further information, the website also features a registration tool. This allows visitors to register their visit to the event in advance, so that the growers will be ready to give them a personal tour.

Source: Pull Position