Orchid events to continue under the name Orchid Inspiration Days

1 November 2016 – Following the well-attended ‘Inspiration Week 23’, ‘Orchid Days’ and ‘Orchid Days Aalsmeer’ events in June, preparations are well under way for a fresh staging of the orchid event in 2017 with a new name. The orchid growers from three separate regions in the Netherlands are uniting to organise the Orchid Inspiration Days together. From 6 to 13 June 2017 both exporters and end-customers can visit 13 growers on six days across two weeks to see the latest varieties and concepts and – above all – get lots of inspiration.

Orchid Inspiration Days participants

The growers taking part in the Orchid Inspiration Days come from three different regions in the Netherlands. A total of 13 nurseries will be open to visitors during the event in 2017 to provide ample inspiration!

Aphrodite Orchidee


Van der Hoorn Orchideeën


Cympha Orchideeën

Pannekoek Orchideeën

Stolk Flora

De Vreede Holland

Lansbergen Orchideeën


OK Plant


Piet Vijverberg

Save the date!

Orchid Inspiration Days will take place between 6 and 13 June 2017. Further details and times will be published in due course on Facebook and Twitter.